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Nvidia GeForce 7025



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Het AMD socket AM3 Moederbord is ontworpen door AMD en is gelanceerd in 2009. In tegenstelling tot Socket AM2 ondersteund Socket AM3 nu ook DDR3 Geheugen modules

Legenda AMD Socket AM3
Compleet = moederbord wordt  compleet in doos geleverd incl. kabels shield cd en boekjes
I/O-Shield = moederbord wordt  geleverd  met alleen een I/0 shield of een backplate / achter  plaatje
Kaal = moederbord wordt  geleverd  zonder bovenstaande extras betreft  dan alleen het moederbord(!)
  • MSI GF615M-P33 V2 Socket AM3

    MSI GF615M-P33 V2 Socket AM3

    GF615M-P33 V2 - AMD AM3, NVIDIA GeForce 7025 & nForce 630a, 2 x DDR3 800/1066/1333 max.16GB, PCI Express 1.0 x16, PCI Express 1.0 x1, PCI, Ultra DMA 66/100/133, SATA II, Realtek ALC887 7.1 ch., Gigabit Ethernet, Micro-ATX

    € 24,95

    Aantal op voorraad : 4

    APS (Active Phase Switching)
    Active Phase Switching, APS, technology is an intelligent design that helps to save energy on MSI’s mainboards. The underlying idea is to switch off the power supply as soon as no electricity is needed, and when the system needs more resources again, APS will automatically adjust electricity supply accordingly. APS will automatically detect your processor’s loading at any given time and save energy accordingly. This is only possible by means of a very advanced power controlling technology. Other than software-based solutions, APS technology stands out from MSI's own research. The specially developed IC chip can operate automatically depending on the demands of the power supply, which is to reduce the total power usage.

    Compared to common mainboard which need extra BIOS chips, MSI’s M-Flash has a double advantage which doesn’t need extra components and secondly, all your BIOS data will be saved in the USB drive. The stored data does not only have backup and upgrade function, moreover it can also be seen as a portable BIOS chip which is actually able to boot up your PC.

    - Backup/Restore Your BIOS to/from Any USB Flash Disk
    - Avoid Unnecessary Repair Due to Accident Failures During The Upgrading Process
    - Earn more BIOS Lifespan by Reducing Unnecessary Rewriting Process

    Mobile consumer appliances are getting more and more attention in current day fast moving life style, with smart phones and tablets almost becoming a fashion accessory. However, many ordinary personal computers cannot charge some of these devices, making it difficult to stay connected. The MSI i-Charger is a Windows resident program capable of revising the power supply mode of your USB port to become more powerful. Once your phone or tablet is connected to your USB port, the i-Charger sends a signal to initiate its charging circuit, making it a really smart and convenient charging solution for mobile computing needs.

    - Automatically Detect & Charge Your Smart Phone or Tablet
    - Support Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 32Bit

    Live Update 5
    MSI Live Update 5 is a powerful and useful application for updating the latest BIOS and Drivers, saving you time and lowers the risk of updating. End-users can install and run the Live Update 5 software on their computers with the companion CD or downloading the app from the MSI website.

    - Automatically Detect the BIOS/Driver/VGA/Utility Update
    - Support Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 32Bit

    Live Update Online
    MSI Live Update Online is a powerful and useful application for updating latest BIOS and Drivers, which can save your time for searching and lower the risk while updating. Live Update Online is online services exclusively. End-users only have to connect to the download center and enable the Live Update Online function, and the updating will continue via the web pages completely. Live Update Online offers the latest BIOS, drivers and utilities from MSI for automatic updating. Through the user-friendly operation, end-users can update the system easily and increase performance immediately.

    AMD Cool'n'Quiet™ Technology reduces heat and noise so you can experience amazing performance without distraction. Combined with core enhancements, included in the AMD processors, that can improve overall power savings, deliver better multitasking and energy efficiency. Cool'n'Quiet technology can automatically adjust processor ratio to throttle CPU speed with four modes.

    - Independent Dynamic Core Technology
    - Dual Dynamic Power Management™
    - AMD CoolCore™ Technology
    - AMD Wideband Frequency Control
    - Multi-Point Thermal Control

    All Solid Capacitors on PWM
    Capacitors are the most important component for electronic product’s power supply. The quality of the capacitors can impact the stability of the entire system and risk of product failure. Currently there are two types of capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and solid capacitors. Compared to electrolytic capacitors, solid capacitors have a longer lifespan, and provide a more stable power under high temperatures. More importantly, solid capacitors do not have any liquid materials inside, and thus will not suffer a leak which would infringe upon the product’s stability. With such benefits is it no wonder that solid capacitors are very important for product quality’s improvement.
  • MSI GF615M-P33 V2 Socket AM3
    € 24,95
    MSI GF615M-P33 V2 Socket AM3
    Aantal op voorraad : 4


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